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Friday, May 13, 2011

Soccer Season has Officially Begun

Soccer season has officially begun.

One of my favourite summer memories is watching my kids and their coaches jump into our pool after a hot day at soccer camp. The camp was -- and still is -- terrific. Not only did it teach great soccer skills, but it also drew kids from all across town, gave teens a chance to coach and mentor younger players, and exposed the kids to the influence of really solid coaches.

This will be our first summer not in that town (the house sold this week), and it's also the first summer that our church here will be hosting a very similar camp. Unfortunately our schedule doesn't allow our kids to attend soccer camp this year (especially disappointing since the older ones could be assistant coaching by now), so we've decided to become involved in another way. This week's local donation will allow 5 kids to attend soccer camp -- and I hope they have a ton of fun.

PS -- I'll be blogging from Greece (!!) for the next couple of weeks -- or at least trying to. If technical glitches, or intense relaxation, cause me to miss my weekly postings, rest assured that I'll get caught up upon my return.

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