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Friday, April 8, 2011

Graduating from Parent School

All through high school, my friend Sue and I suspected that there must be a 'Mom School' that everyone's parents secretly attend, because they all seemed to say roughly the same things. When I had my first baby, she found the textbook: How to Mom. Well I guess now I've found the real thing...

I have recently started volunteering at a local pregnancy care centre. When I asked the Executive Director what they were 'short on' these days, I expected her to say diapers or sleepers or office supplies. Instead, she told me that they would love to purchase graduation gifts for a group of moms (and perhaps a dad or grandma or two) who are completing a 13-week parenting class later this month. They've been working on building life skills such as cooking and budgeting and raising resilient kids -- and Sarah wants to recognize them for their commitment to becoming better parents. I appreciated the generosity and fun behind her suggestion. It occurred to me that all of us can learn from the example of these new parents -- would I be as willing as they are to invest in becoming a better-equipped mom? As I do every week here, I feel privileged to contribute toward celebrating their accomplishment. So this month, as many parents applaud the efforts of their grown children walking in their gowns across the stage as they graduate from college or university programs, it is my pleasure to applaud the efforts of these local parents who are willing to work hard to make sure their babies get there. 

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