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Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby N at SickKids

Having a sick child terrifies me. I get edgy even when it's something very minor; the possibility of something major puts me into Mama Bear panic mode almost instantly.

I am so thankful to have healthy kids, and to live in a country that has a state-run health care system. But that system is far from 'free' -- not just because we pay for it through our taxes, but because time spent in a hospital brings with it all kinds of other costs: lost wages, parking, meals out, accommodation etc. etc.

A friend of mine has a grandson who is less than one year old and who has spent more than the past 40 days at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. I've spent some time at SickKids too, when my niece had heart surgery as a newborn. It's an amazing facility, filled with skilled and dedicated staff. But it's not somewhere you want to spend 40+ days.

That precious boy is undergoing yet another surgical procedure this week. His parents are stressed and exhausted. This has been a very difficult and costly time for them. It's dragged on longer than expected, and it's not over yet.

So today's donation, intended for an inspiring individual, goes to baby N's mom and dad. To cover yet another night in a hotel. Or some provisions from the hospital cafeteria. Or maybe even dinner and a movie -- a much needed change of scenery. Mostly, it's to encourage them that this season will not last forever, and they are not alone.

PS -- I came across Tides Canada today, and Small Change Fund. Have any of you ever worked with either of these organizations? I'm intrigued!

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